Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Ядерна фізика та енергетика
Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

  ISSN: 1818-331X (Print), 2074-0565 (Online)
  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  Languages: Ukrainian, English
  Periodicity: 4 times per year
  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

  Open access peer reviewed journal

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On numeration of issues and volumes

ISSUE # 1 (1), 2000


Statistical description of the radiative strength function

V.A. Plujko, S.N. Ezhov, A.S. Mikulyak

Pages 7–24; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Dipole excitations in an asymmetric nuclear Fermi-gas

V.I. Abrosimov, O.I. Davidovskaya

Pages 25–31; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Elastic, inelastic scattering and one-nucleon transfer in the 11В + 12С interaction at Elab(12C) = 61 MeV and energy dependence of optical potentials

A.T. Rudchik, S.Y. Mezhevych, V.A. Ziman, O.A. Momotyuk, G.V. Mokhnach, V.K. Chernievsky, A.P. Ilyin

Pages 32–38; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Soft dipole mode of neutron-rich light nuclei in asymptotic potential approximation

G.F. Filippov, Yu.A. Lashko, L.P. Shvedov

Pages 39–42; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Response of electronic surface in metal clusters within a phase space approach

V.I. Abrosimov, V.M. Kolomietz, V.A. Plujko

Pages 43–55; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Elastic scattering of protons on 20Ne nuclei and the α-cluster model with dispersion

Yu. A. Berezhnoy, V. P. Mikhailyuk

Pages 56–58; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Investigation of the t + α system in a kinematically complete experiment at energy Еα = 27.2 MeV

O. K. Gorpinich, O. M. Povoroznyk, Y. S. Roznyuk, B.G. Struzhko

Pages 59–63; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Improved experimental limit on the electron stability and non-paulian transitions in I atom

P. Belli, R. Bernabei, C.J. Dai, H.L. He, G. Ignesti, A. Incicchitti, H.H. Kuang, J.M. Ma, F. Montecchia, O.A. Ponkratenko, D. Prosperi, V.I. Tretyak, Yu.G. Zdesenko

Pages 64–69; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


The concept of the nuclear reactor with subcritical core, neutron field control using gaseous or liquid flows of fissile material

O.V. Nedelin, V.M. Pavlovych, S.A. Yatskevych

Pages 70–79; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Determination of functionals of neutron flux influenced on reactor pressure vessel as a statistical decision problem

V.L. Dyemokhin, V.N. Bukanov

Pages 80–85; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Semiconductor detectors for spectroscopy of gamma-radiation

P.G. Litovchenko, L.I. Barabash, V.K. Dubovoy, V.F. Lastovetsky, T.I. Kibkalo, N.N. Kolychev, l.A. Polivtsev, V.I. Kochkin, A.P. Litovchenko, S.P. Batyuta, V.I. Varnina, O.I. Fishchuk

Pages 86–90; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The development of the periodical distribution of point defects in binary semiconductors

V. V. Mykhaylovskyy

Pages 91–97; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Modification of the carbon stripper foils nanostructure with the aim of radiation resistance improvement

А.V. Vasin, E.N. Mozhzhukhin, G.N. Kozeratskaya, A.V Rusavsky, Y.I. Totsky

Pages 98–103; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Optical solitons in monomode fibers

T. A. Davydova, Yu. A. Zaliznyak

Pages 104–110; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The experimental observation of the transillumination of a plasma wave barrier by the electrons oscillating in it

D.B. Palets, L.I. Romanyuk

Pages 111–114; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Arising of Rayleigh-Taylor instability at the surface of discharge channel in water and its saturation mechanisms

L.M. Voitenko, A.V. Kononov, P.V. Porytsky, P.D. Starchik

Pages 115–124; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Influence of low doses of ionizing radiation on the reproductive indices and physiological development of experimental animals in several generations

V.M. Indyk, Ya.I. Serkiz, A.I. Lipska, I.P. Drozd, I.Yu. Nikitina

Pages 125–135; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


About chemical and biological stimulation of bioleaching of 90Sr from different types of soil

E.P. Buravlev, V.V. Trishin, O.V. Svyatun, In.S. Kim, V.N. Ivanov, A.N. Berlizov

Pages 136–143; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Peculiarities of 137Cs biogeochemistry in ecosystems of forest sphagnous bogs: approach to creation of conceptual scheme of the model

A.A. Orlov, A.B. Kalish

Pages 144–153; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The influence of soil micromycetes on the accumulation of 137Cs by cabbage and clover

T.N. Lashko, A.P. Lashko, A.I. Vasilevskaya, N.N. Zhdanova, T.I. Redchitz

Pages 154–157; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Optimization of radiochemical technique for transuranium element content determination in environmental samples

A.N. Berlizov, V.V. Tryshyn

Pages 158–163; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)