Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  Languages: Ukrainian, English
  Periodicity: 4 times per year
  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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ISSUE # 2 (2), 2000


The high energy method of distorted waves and pd-scattering at 1 GeV energy

A.D. Foursat, B.I. Sidorenko

Pages 7–13; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Dineutron configurations in neutron-rich exotic nuclei

M.V. Evlanov, A.M. Sokolov, V.M. Tartakovsky

Pages 14–19; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


The criterion of adiabatic approximation for the weakly-bound particles Coulomb elastic scattering problem

V.P. Verbitsky, L.Ya. Zhukalyuk, K.O. Terenetsky

Pages 20–24; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


K-minimal approach basis for 7H

G.F. Filippov, A.D. Bazavov

Pages 25–27; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Beta-decay of 95Tc to excited states of 95Mo

I.N. Vishnevsky, G.B. Krygin, A.A. Kurteva, V.E. Mitroshin

Pages 28–33; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Rotation of superdeformed even-even nuclei

A.Ya. Dzyublik, V.V. Utyuzh

Pages 34–41; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


The time analysis of multipled internal reflections in tunneling description through the barrier

V.S. Olkhovsky, S.P. Maidanyuk

Pages 42–45; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Anomalies in the excitation spectrum of 5He nucleus at E*~20 MeV

Yu.N. Pavlenko

Pages 46–50; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


8Be-decay of the 24Mg 46.4 MeV resonance

A. Tumino, O.Yu. Goryunov, M. Lattuada, V.V. Ostashko, S. Romano, C. Spitaleri, D. Vinciguerra

Pages 51–54; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Yield of near zero energy electrons from radioactive sources of different thickness

V.T. Kupryashkin, L.P. Sidorenko, A.I. Feoktistov, I.P. Shapovalova

Pages 55–59; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The study of secondary gamma-transitions from 155Gd(n,γ)155Gd reaction for different filtered neutron beam energies

A.V. Murzin, P.M. Rusinko, E.V. Korbetsky, O.O. Grizay

Pages 60–64; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Calculational determination of some irradiation condition parameters of surveillance specimens of WWER-1000 reactor pressure vessel

O.V. Grytsenko, V.N. Bukanov, O.G. Vasylyeva, V.L. Dyemokhin, O.V. Nedyelin

Pages 65–73; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The evaluation of residual resource of the technological channels of the 1-st ChNPP's unit

E.U. Grynik, L.I. Chyrko, A.A. Shynakov, Ju.S. Gulchuk, O.V. Drogaev, V.N. Revka, Ju.V. Chajkovsky

Pages 74–78; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Reactions of isotope 60Co formation at interaction of the neutrons with 59Co, 60Ni and 63Cu (state-of-the-art of neutron cross sections)

.F. Vlasov, .. Gritzay, L.E. Chervonna, V.V. Zerkin

Pages 79–85; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Investigation of factors influencing the accuracy of uranium enrichment level determination by multi-analysis method (MGAU)

A.N. Berlizov, V.V. Tryshyn

Pages 86–101; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The research of radiation factors of the NPP's equipment degradation

V.I. Sakhno, S.P. Tomchay, A.V. Sakhno

Pages 102–105; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Influence of neutron irradiation on the defect creation in thermally treated Cz silicon

V.I. Varnina, A.A. Groza, P.G. Litovchenko, L.S. Marchenko, M.I. Starchik, G.G. Shmatko, V.F. Lastovetsky

Pages 106–113; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Some radiation effects in quantum-size 35 and 26 structures, grown on semiinsulating GaAs

Ye.Yu. Braylovsky, G.N. Semenova, Yu.G. Sadofyev, N.Ye. orsunskaya, .P. Semtsiv, .B. Sharibaev

Pages 114–122; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Investigation of dynamics of colloid systems by slow neutron scattering

V.I. Slisenko, A.Ya. Dzyublik, T.V. Karmazina, P.G. Ivanitsky, A.A. Vasilkevich, N.I. Valkovska, V.S. Prokopenko, V.V. Krotenko

Pages 123–127; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Electrical properties of indium antimonide, irradiated by neutrons and x-rays

G.A. Vikhliy, A.Ya. Karpenko, P.G. Litovchenko

Pages 128–131; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Application of a method of an electrolysis at manufacture of various isotope targets for nuclear-physical investigations

N.I. Zaika, N.F. Onoshko, .S. Rudchik, V.P. Tokarev

Pages 132–136; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The scattering of electromagnetic waves in magnetized plasma with lower and upper hybrid pump

V.N. Pavlenko, V.G. Panchenko, S.A. Nazarenko

Pages 137–142; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Evolution of standing drift vortex structures

V.B. Taranov

Pages 143–145; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


The transparency of a plasma barrier for electromagnetic waves transilluminated with the aid of an electron beam

D.B. Palets, L.I. Romanyuk

Pages 146–149; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Reaction of haemopoietic system of animals on the additional internal irradiation

N.K. Rodionova, A.I. Lipska, I.Yu. Nikitina, L.B. Pinchuk

Pages 150–156; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The problem of estimation of the biological efficiacy for the constant action of low-intensive radiation

M.O. Druzhyna, A.P. Burlaka, Yu.P. Grynevych, M.M. Druzhyna, E.P. Sidorik

Pages 157–160; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


About the transuranium elements and fission products content in the biological samples taken in the 30-km ChNPP zone

V.A. Ageev, A.A. Odintsov, V.A. Satsyuk, A.P. Lashko

Pages 161–166; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


About ecological standards of anthropogenious loads on natural territorial complexes

Yu.F. Kataevsky, G.G. Istomina, I.O. Pavlenko, V.V. Trishin

Pages 167–171; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)