Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  Languages: Ukrainian, English
  Periodicity: 4 times per year
  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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ISSUE # 3 (5), 2001


Study of light hypernuclei interaction with nuclei at high energies

M. V. Evlanov, A. M. Sokolov, V. K. Tartakovsky

Pages 7–15; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Semiclassical description of the isovector giant dipole resonance

V. I. Abrosimov, O. I. Davidovskaya

Pages 16–23; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Quasistationary state of the weakly-bound particle in the external electric field

V. P. Verbitsky, L. Ya. Zhukalyuk, K. O. Terenetsky

Pages 24–29; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Total break-up of the alpha-particle after the collision with a nucleon

G. F. Filippov, A. M. Sytcheva, S. V. Korennov, K. Kato

Pages 30–35; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


On diffraction neutron-nuclear scattering in stochastic approach

M. S. Borisova, G. . Prokopets, A. V. Fursayev

Pages 36–39; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Investigation of the energy dependence of the radius of the real part of the optical potential

N. L. Doroshko, I. E. Kashuba

Pages 40–45; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The investigation of the properties of 97Ru in the framework of dynamic collective model

A. A. Kurteva, V. E. Mitroshin

Pages 46–52; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Investigation of the first excited level decay of 6H with α + t interaction

O. K. Gorpinich, O. M. Povoroznyk, Yu. S. Roznyuk, B. G. Struzhko

Pages 53–59; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The investigation of penetration effects for L-forbidden transition in 121Sb

V. A. Zheltonozhsky, N. V. Strilchuk, E. S. Pankratova

Pages 60–63; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Mechanism of neutron scattering on barium nuclei in 0.5 15 MeV energy range

I. A. Korzh, N. T. Sklyar, T. I. Yakowenko

Pages 64–71; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Measurements of photofission products of 232Th

O. A. Bessheyko, V. A. Zheltonozhskiy, I. N. Kadenko, A. A. Levchenko, I. B. Mihnitzkiy, L. V. Sadovnikov, N. V. Strilchuk

Pages 72–77; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Emission of near-zero-energy electrons from the surface of solid state in radioactive decay or under bombardment by charged particles

V. T. Kupryashkin, L. P. Sidorenko, A. I. Feoktistov, I. P. Shapovalova

Pages 78–82; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The possibility of boron neutron capture therapy of malignant tumors at Kiev research nuclear reactor

O. O. Gritzay, O. I. Kaltchenko, V. V. Koloty, V. F. Razbuday

Pages 83–87; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Development of material for protection against x-rays irradiation

S. I. Azarov, O. V. Babich

Pages 88–91; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Analysis of public attitude to nuclear power

A. P. Trofimenko, Zh. I. Pysanko

Pages 92–99; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Conductivity of crystals with superconducting nanoscale inclusions

V. I. Sugakov, O. N. Shevtsova

Pages 100–104; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Accuracy of coordinate determination of high-energy charged particles by silicon strip detectors

I. E. Anokhin, O. S. Zinets

Pages 105–111; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Structural and elecrooptical properties of the silicon after neutron irradiation and high temperature treatment

M. I. Starchyk, A. A. Groza, L. A. Matveeva, V. I. Varnina, R. Yu. Holiney, P. G. Lytovchenko, G. G Shmatko

Pages 112–117; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Peculiarities of conductivity dose dependences of the previously irradiated semiconductors on an example of indium antimonide, irradiated with protons

G. A. Vikhliy, A. Ya.Karpenko, P. G. Litovchenko, A. P. Litovchenko

Pages 118–119; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The elaboration of new technological schemes of radiation decontamination

V. I. Sakhno, S. P. Tomchay

Pages 120–122; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Influence of molecular and electronegative impurities on the contraction of an argon arc at high pressure

A. V. Kononov, P. V. Porytsky

Pages 123–131; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Stationary self-focusing of whistler waves in the ionosphere

T. A. Davydova, Yu. A. Zaliznyak, A. I. Yakimenko

Pages 132–140; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Radioecological assessment of radiological consequences of polluted agrocenosese use

A. P. Kravets, D. M. Grodzinsky, Yu. A. Pavlenko

Pages 141–151; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


oncentration peculiarities of radionuclides by freshwater molluscs of Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone

D. I. Gudkov, A. B. Nazarov, V. V. Derevets, M. I. Kuzmenko

Pages 152–156; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Modern problems of radioecology in Kanev reservoir

O. L. Zarubin, E. N. Volkova, V. V. Belyaev, Z. O. Shirokaya, V. A. Karapysh

Pages 157–161; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Evaluation of biological component of effective environmental half-life of 137Cs in moss cover

A. A. Orlov, A. B. Kalish

Pages 162–170; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The acumulation of radionuclides and heavy metals by mushrooms complex in forestry ecosystems

O. B. Tsvetnova, N. E. Shatrova, A. I. Shcheglov

Pages 171–176; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The study of solubility of Chornobyl "hot" particles in simulator of lung fluid

E. K. Garger, A. A. Odintsov, A. D. Sajenuk

Pages 177–183; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Laser-induced fluorescence of pine (needles) growing in the conditions of pollution with radionuclides of Chernobyl origin

E. I. Levchick, E. V. Svarichevslaya, L. V. Skripka, N. D. Kuchma, V. K. Zaika

Pages 184–190; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)