Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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ISSUE # 2 (15), 2005


V. M. Strutinsky (1929 - 1993)

V. I. Abrosimov, F. A. Ivanyuk

Pages 7–8; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Shells in superasymmetric nuclear fission*

V. A. Rubchenya, I. Tsekhanovich

Pages 9–16; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Calculation of vibrational enhancement of nuclear level density within response function method*

V. A. Plujko, O. M. Gorbachenko

Pages 17–28; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Unified semiclassical approach to isoscalar collective excitations in nuclei*

V. I. Abrosimov

Pages 29–36; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Temperature dependence of giant dipole resonance width*

A. I. Vdovin, A. N. Storozhenko

Pages 37–45; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Ultraheavy nuclei: shell corrections, magic numbers, fission barriers and alpha-decay periods*

V. Yu. Denisov

Pages 46–52; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Possibilities of synthesis of superheavy nuclei in hot fusion reactions*

G. G. Adamian, N. V. Antonenko, A. S. Zubov

Pages 53–59; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Nonrelativistic quantum mechanics of the interacting particles and the coordinate - impulse correlation relations*

A. I. Steshenko

Pages 60–72; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Peculiarities of the decay of rotational bands in superdeformed nuclei*

A. Ya. Dzyublik, V. V. Utyuzh

Pages 73–82; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The use of Glauber approximation for calculation of total cross sections of hypertriton diffractive interaction with protons

M. V. Evlanov, A. M. Sokolov, V. K. Tartakovsky, V. V. Davydovskyy

Pages 83–89; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Researches of spacial dependence of fast neutron spectrum form at the outer surface of WWER-1000 pressure vessel

V. L. Dyemokhin, V. N. Bukanov, A. M. Pugach, E. G. Vasylyeva

Pages 90–96; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Quantum wells degradation and modification of energy spectra in semiconductors under irradiation

G. V. Vertsimakha, V. V. Mykhaylovskyy, V. Y. Sugakov

Pages 97–105; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The particularities of the formation of radiation defects in silicon with low and high concentration of the oxygen

A. P. Dolgolenko, P. G. Litovchenko, M. D. Varentsov, G. P. Gaidar, A. P. Litovchenko

Pages 106–114; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Cumulative effects of protracted irradiation of Chornobyl exclusive zone plants

A. P. Kravets, D. M. Grodzinsky, L. A. Mazur

Pages 115–122; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Specific features of 137s migration and accumulation in chernozem soils of forest ecosystems in the zone contaminated due to the Chornobyl accident

O. B. Tsvetnova, A. I. Shcheglov, A. A. Orlov

Pages 123–130; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Influence of natural mineral waters with high contents of iron on free-radical processes and compound of peripheral blood of the rats irradiated by doze 5.0 Gy

A. J. Moiseev, N. K. Rodionova, N. A. Druzhina, A. I. Lypska, Yu. P. Grinevich, O. B. Ganzha, L. V. Kostyukova

Pages 131–136; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Dynamics of decrease of the 137Cs contents in fishes of Kanevskoe reservoir and cooling-pond of ChNPP (1987 - 2004)

O. L. Zarubin, E. N. Volkova, V. V. Beljaev, A. A. Zalissky

Pages 137–141; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The investigation of the adequateness of the mathematical model of 137Cs migration in forest ecosystems of Ukrainian Polissya

. . valchuk, V. G. Levitsky, . . Samolyuk, V. . Yanchuk, A. A. Orlov

Pages 142–150; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The methods of multiparameter correlation measurements for the study of nuclear reactions

Yu. N. Pavlenko, V. O. Kyva, I. N. Kolomiets, V. N. Dobrikov, A. P. Vojter, I. O. Mazny, B. A. Rudenko, O. K. Gorpinich, Yu. Ya. Karlyshev, A. A. Shvedov

Pages 151–161; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Use of proton beam of the EPG-10 tandem accelerator at the Kyiv Institute for Nuclear Research for radiation imitation of solar battery photoconverters of spacecraft equipment (technique and first results)

V. I. Soroka, M. V. Artsymovych, A. P. Gorban, V. P. Kostylyov, A. V. Sachenko, V. V. Chernenko

Pages 162–166; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The optimized nuclear microprobe with an external proton beam

S. O. Lebed, O. G. Kukharenko, O. O. Veselov, J. Lekki, Z. Stachura

Pages 167–174; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)

(*) The report was presented at the International scientific workshop V. M. Strutinsky - 75, 16 - 17 November, 2004, Kyiv, INR, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.