Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Ядерна фізика та енергетика
Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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Vol. 10, issue # 1, 2009

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Page 3; PDF Full Text (ua, ru, en)


Three-particle structure of the halo nucleus 6Li

B. E. Grinyuk, I. V. Simenog

Pages 9–19; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Vortex dipole response in the giant dipole resonance energy region (*)

V. I. Abrosimov, O. I. Davidovskaya

Pages 20–25; PDF Abstract (en)   PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Mechanism of charge-exchange in the 7Li(10B, 10Be)7Be reaction and potential of interaction of the 7Be + 10Be nuclei (*)

V. O. Romanyshyn, A. T. Rudchik, O. A. Ponkratenko, E. I. Koshchy, S. Kliczewski, K. Rusek, V. M. Kyryanchuk, S. Yu. Mezhevych, Val. M. Pirnak, A. A. Rudchik, A. Budzanowski, I. Skwirczyńska, R. Siudak, B. Czech, A. Szczurek, J. Choiński, L. Głowacka

Pages 26–35; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)


Correlation functions, momentum distributions and clustering coefficients for three-nucleon nuclei

D. V. Piatnytskyi, I. V. Simenog

Pages 36–44; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)


Competition of break-up and dissipative processes in peripheral collisions at Fermi energies (*)

T. I. Mikhailova, A. G. Artyukh, M. Colonna, M. Di Toro, B. Erdemchimeg, G. Kaminski, I. N. Mikhailov, Yu. M. Sereda, H. H. Wolter

Pages 45–49; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Clustering features of 14N in relativistic multifragmentation process (*)

T. V. Shchedrina, P. I. Zarubin

Pages 50–54; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Fusion of deformed nuclei (*)

V. Yu. Denisov, N. A. Pilipenko

Pages 55–60; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Isomer ratios for product of photonuclear reaction 107Ag(γ, 3n)104m,gAg in the energy region 35 ÷ 40 MeV

O. A. Bezshyyko, A. N. Vodin, L. O. Golinka-Bezshyyko, A. N. Dovbnya, I. M. Kadenko, O. A. Kovalenko, V. A. Kushnir, V. V. Mitrochenko, S. N. Olejnik, G. E. Tuller

Pages 61–65; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ru)


WWER-1000 core loading characteristic influence on irradiation conditions of surveillance specimens and reactor pressure vessel (*)

V. N. Bukanov, V. L. Diemokhin, O. V. Grytsenko, O. G. Vasylieva, S. M. Pugach

Pages 66–70; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Migration kinetic of primary radiation defects at nonuniform irradiation

I. Yu. Goliney, V. V. Stepkova

Pages 71–75; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Influence of x-ray radiation on the antioxidant protection of the rat liver

Ya. G. Ivanushko, Yu. P. Grinevich, A. I. Lypska

Pages 76–79; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)


Influence of hydrological factors on formation of radionuclide contamination of the hydrobionts

O. M. Volkova, V. V. Belyaev

Pages 80–85; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)


Dose dependence of morphological changes and aberration to the plantation of pine in the Chernobyl NPP exclusion zone

V. O. Kashparov, Yu. O. Bondar, V. I. Yoschenko

Pages 86–91; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)


Research of possibility of gamma-spectrometry of coals in field environment

O. A. Bezshyyko, S. A. Karpenko, I. A. Maliuk, O. I. Nasvit, V. M. Pryymak, E. E. Petrosian, K. A. Tyschenko

Pages 92–99; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ru)


Delayed neutron yield measurement on thermal neutron induced fission of 237Np using cross-correlation technique (*)

Sh. S. Zeynalov, O. V. Zeynalova, V. I. Smirnov

Pages 100–104; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (en)


Automatized measuring system for neutron parameters of the subcritical nuclear materials

F. N. Berezin, A. P. Voiter, V. N. Pavlovich, V. A. Kisurin, I. A. Maznyj, A. N. Kovalev, M. I. Doronin, S. A. Storozhenko

Pages 105–111; PDF Abstract (en)    PDF Abstract (ru)    PDF Abstract (ua)   PDF Full Text (ua)

(*) The report was presented at the 2-nd International Conference «Current Problems in Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy», 9–15 June 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine.