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Nucl. Phys. At. Energy 2015, volume 16, issue 4, pages 329-336.
Section: Nuclear Physics.
Received: 20.10.2015; Accepted: 10.12.2015; Published online: 12.02.2016.
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Simulation of light collection in calcium tungstate scintillation detectors

F. A. Danevich1, V. V. Kobychev1,*, R. V. Kobychev1,2, H. Kraus3, V. B. Mikhailik3,4, V. M. Mokina1

1 Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2 Heat Power Engineering Faculty, National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
3 Department of Physics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
4 Diamond Light Source, Didcot, UK

*Corresponding author. E-mail address:

Abstract: Due to high operational properties, the oxide scintillators are perspective for cryogenic scintillation experiments with aim of study rare nuclear processes. In order to optimize light yield and the energy resolution we performed calculations of the efficiency of light collection for different geometries of scintillation detector with CaWO4 crystal by Monte-Carlo method using Litrani, Geant4 and Zemax packages. The calculations were compared with experimental data in the same configurations, depending on the crystal shape, surface treatment, material and shape of the reflector and presence of optical contact. The best results were obtained with crystals shaped as the right prism with triangle base, with completely diffused surfaces, using mirror reflector shaped as a truncated cone. Simulations by using Litrani have shown the best agreement with experimental results.

Keywords: scintillation detector, Monte Carlo simulation, light collection efficiency, CaWO4 crystal scintillator.


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