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Nucl. Phys. At. Energy 2018, volume 19, issue 4, pages 326-335.
Section: Nuclear Physics.
Received: 11.04.2018; Accepted: 26.12.2018; Published online: 14.02.2019.
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Ground and transition properties of 40Ca and 48Ca nuclei

Ali H. Taqi*, Ebtihal G. Khidher

Department of Physics, College of Science, Kirkuk University, Kirkuk, Iraq

*Corresponding author. E-mail address:;

Abstract: Properties of the ground states and transitions in 40Ca and 48Ca nuclei are studied using the self-consistent Hartree-Fock and random phase approximation calculations with Skyrme-type interactions: KDE0, SLy4, LNS, RAPT and T6. The purpose of the paper is to obtain the best Skyrme-force parameterizations for description of the experimental data. All the calculated values were compared with the available data. The calculated binding energy per nucleon, charge root mean square, ground charge density distribution and transition strength distribution agree very well with the experimental data. The overall behavior of the calculated transition densities demonstrated the reliability of the method.

Keywords: charge density distribution, transition density, strength distribution, Skyrme - Hartree - Fock, random phase approximation.


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