Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Ядерна фізика та енергетика
Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  Languages: Ukrainian, English
  Periodicity: 4 times per year
  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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ISSUE # 2 (20), 2007


Bulk and surface symmetry energy for the nuclei far from the valley of stability

V. M. Kolomietz, A. I. Sanzhur

Pages 7–15; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ua)


Radiationless and inelastic processes contribution to the nuclear excitation at the positron-atomic electron annihilation (*)

S. N. Fedotkin, V. A. Zheltonozhskii

Pages 16–20; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Off-shell energy effects in multiple scattering of protons on deuterons at the energy of 1 GeV

V. V. Davydovskyy

Pages 21–28; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ua)


Resonances in three-claster continuum of 5H nucleus (*)

F. Arickx, J. Broeckhove, P. Hellinckx, V. S. Vasilevsky, A. V. Nesterov

Pages 29–37; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (en)


Dependence of observables in elastic scattering of intermediate energy protons by 6He from its structure

V. P. Mikhailyuk, Yu. A. Pozdnyakov

Pages 38–46; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Theoretical description of nucleons paired correlations of even-even nuclei in the adiabatic three-particle model (*)

R. M. Plekan, V. Yu. Pojda, I. V. Khimich

Pages 47–55; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (en)


Peculiarities in the interaction of 6He with 197Au and 206Pb at energies close to the Coulomb barrier (*)

Yu. E. Penionzhkevich, R. A. Astabatyan, N. A. Demekhina, R. Kalpakchieva, A. A. Kulko, S. P. Lobastov, S. M. Lukyanov, E. R. Markaryan, V. A. Maslov, Yu. A. Muzychka, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, D. N. Rassadov, N. K. Skobelev, Yu. G. Sobolev, T. Zholdybaev

Pages 56–64; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (en)


Space distributions and decay probability for excited state of 7Li*(7,45 MeV) in reaction 7Li(α, α6Li)n

Yu. N. Pavlenko, V. L. Shablov, O. S. Bondarenko, O. K. Gorpinich, V. N. Dobrikov, N. L. Doroshko, Yu. Y. Karlyshev, F. I. Karmanov, V. O. Kyva, I. N. Kolomiets, S. E. Omelchuk, V. V. Ostashko, Yu. S. Roznuk, B. A. Rudenko, I. A. Tyras

Pages 65–74; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ua)


Diffraction scattering of 6Li ions from atomic nuclei

V. I. Kovalchuk

Pages 75–78; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (en)


Supercoductive electron accelerator for sub-critical assembly operation (*)

M. I. Bratchenko, V. V. Gann, I. S. Guk, A. N. Dovbnya, S. V. Dyuldya, S. G. Kononenko, F. A. Peev, A. S.Tarasenko, M. van der Wiel, J. I. M. Botman

Pages 79–88; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Dependence of the defect introduction rate on irradiation dose of p-Si by fast-pile neutrons

A. P. Dolgolenko, M. D. Varentsov, G. P. Gaidar, P. G. Litovchenko

Pages 89–96; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


137Cs in fishes of the cooling-pond after the decommissioning the ChNPP

O. L. Zarubin, A. A. Zallissky, I. A. Maljuk, L. A. Golovach, A. I. Golovach, S. V. Teletckaya

Pages 97–104; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


The reaction-response of organism at different modes irradiation of the animals

P. I. Lypska

Pages 105–112; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ua)


On the direct measurement method of the capture neutron cross section by radioactive nuclei

Yu. G. Shchepkin, V. I. Slisenko, V. N. Shevel, T. A. Kostyuk

Pages 113–120; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Analysis of uncertainties of gamma-ray energy measurement made with semiconductor spectrometers (*)

A. P. Lashko, T. N. Lashko

Pages 121–125; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


The research of the scattered radiation of electrons linear accelerator

I. M. Vyshnevskyi, T. V. Khrin, V. I. Sakhno, O. V. Sakhno, A. G. Zelinskyy, S. P. Tomchay, N. V. Khalova

Pages 126–130; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Calculation of three-body reaction kinematic and data processing by using Monte-Carlo method

O. M. Povoroznyk

Pages 131–139; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ua)


Extension of abilities of the 4π-gamma-spectrometers «Pripyat» (*)

S. K. Andrukhovich, A. V. Berestov, S. N. Harkusha, E. A. Rudak, A. M. Khilmanovich, A. S. Uzunbadjakov, F. E. Zyazyulya, N. Antovich

Pages 140–146; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)


Elastic nuclear resonance backscattering spectrometry (broad resonances)

V. I. Soroka

Pages 147–154; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (en)


Development of collection and data acquisition system from germanium semiconductor detector for EDELWEISS experiment

R. B. Podviyanuk, Pia Loaiza, V. N. Kovalenko

Pages 155–159; PDFAbstract (en) PDFFull Text (ru)

(*) The report was presented at the International Conference «Current Problems in Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy», May 29–June 03, 2006, Kyiv, Ukraine.