New books which could be interesting to readers of the NPAE journal

Last updated 29.05.2023


W. Allison
The Flight of a Relativistic Charge in Matter. Insights, Calculations and Practical Applications of Classical Electromagnetism
Springer (2023) 127 p.

new: M. Budjeryn
Inheriting the Bomb. The Collapse of the USSR and the Nuclear Disarmament of Ukraine
Johns Hopkins Univ. Press (2023) 329 p.

A.W. Chao
Handbook of Accelerator Physics and Engineering (3rd ed.)
World Scientific (2023) 960 p.

new: A. Chodos, J. Riordon
Ghost Particle. In Search of the Elusive and Mysterious Neutrino
MIT Press (2023) 290 p.

G. Czycholl
Solid State Theory, vol. 1. Basics: Phonons and Electrons in Crystals
Springer (2023) 400 p.

new: R. Demina, A. Garcia-Bellido
Electroweak Symmetry and its Breaking
World Sci. (2023) 236 p.

A. Grasso
Space Time and Dark Matter. The Hidden Sectors of Particle Physics and Cosmology
World Scientific (2023) 350 p.

new: M. Kahl-Scholz, C. Vockelmann (eds.)
Basic Knowledge Radiology. Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy
Springer (2023) 390 p.

M.Yu. Khlopov
Cosmoparticle Physics (2nd ed.)
World Scientific (2023) 700 p.

M.Yu. Khlopov
Indirect Effects of Dark Matter Physics
World Scientific (2023) 300 p.

D.F.J. Kimball, K. van Bibber (eds.)
The Search for Ultralight Bosonic Dark Matter
Springer (2023) 363 p.

L. Lista
Statistical Methods for Data Analysis. With Applications in Particle Physics (3rd ed.)
Springer (2023) 370 p.

K. Nishijima
Quantum Field Theory (8th ed.)
Springer (2023) 572 p.

new: G.B. Saha
Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine. A Practical, Concise Guide (2nd ed.)
Springer (2023) 265 p.

P. Scampoli, A. Ariga (eds.)
Cosmic Ray Muography
World Scientific (2023) 322 p.

P. Talou, R. Vogt
Nuclear Fission. Theories, Experiments and Applications
Springer (2023) 472 p.

V. Zelevinsky, A. Volya
Mesoscopic Nuclear Physics. From Nucleus to Quantum Chaos to Quantum Signal Transmission
World Scientific (2023) 192 p.

О. Паренюк, К. Шаванова
Страшне, прекрасне та потворне в Чорнобилі. Від катастрофи до лабораторії
Віхола (2023) 304 c.


B. Altshuler
Sakharov and Power. On the Other Side of the Window
World Scientific (2022) 668 p.

M.F. L'Annunziata
Radioactivity. History, Science, Vital Uses and Ominous Peril (3rd ed.)
Elsevier (2022) 1110 p.

D.K. Aswal, P.S. Sarkar, Y.S. Kashyap (eds.)
Neutron Imaging
Springer (2022) 360 p.

G. Bellini, M. Bersanelli, E. Bonatti
Dai quark alle galassie. Viaggio dal micro al macrocosmo passando per la Terra. Per capire come e perche il Sole e le stelle brillano
Universale Scientifica (2022) 208 p.

S.M. Blinder
Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry with the Wolfram Language
World Scientific (2022) 444 p.

M. Bonamente
Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data
Springer (2022) 488 p.

A. Bottino, C. Favero
I Never Call It Big Bang. George Gamow: The Extraordinary Story of a Genius of Physics
World Scientific (2022) 184 p.

S. Chakraverty, T. Rao
Computational Radon Transport Mechanisms
Elsevier (2022) 250 p.

S. Charisopoulos (ed.)
Nuclear Physics in Everyday Life
NuPECC (2022) 103 p.

D.C. Clary
Schredinger in Oxford
World Scientific (2022) 420 p.

D.-S. Du, M.-Z. Yang
Introduction to Particle Physics
World Scientific (2022) 640 p.

W. Dunn, J.K. Shultis
Exploring Monte Carlo Methods (2nd ed.)
Elsevier (2022) 400 p.

A.E. Ekpenyong
Mathematical Physics for Nuclear Experiments
CRC Press (2022) 278 p.

M. Evstigneev
Introduction to Semiconductor Physics and Devices
Springer (2022) 323 p.

new: M. Garcia-Leon
Detecting Environmental Radioactivity
Springer (2022) 637 p.

S. Hashimoto, M. Komatsu, S. Miura
Forest Radioecology in Fukushima. Radiocesium Dynamics, Impact, and Future
Springer (2022) 160 p.

J.S. Hendricks, M.T. Swinhoe, A. Favalli
Monte Carlo N-Particle Simulations for Nuclear Detection and Safeguards. An Examples-Based Guide for Students and Practitioners
Springer (2022) 307 p.

D.M. Kashian, D.R. Zak, B.V. Barnes, S.H. Spurr
Forest Ecology (5th ed.)
Wiley (2022) 832 p.

new: J.-V. Kratz
Nuclear and Radiochemistry. Fundamentals and Applications (4th ed.)
Wiley (2022) 976 p.

F. Lacava
Classical Electrodynamics. From Image Charges to the Photon Mass and Magnetic Monopoles
Springer (2022) 374 p.

N.M. Lloyd-Ronning
Great Mysteries in Astrophysics. A guide to what we don't know
IOP (2022) 164 p.

new: S. Marguet
A Brief History of Nuclear Reactor Accidents. From Leipzig to Fukushima
Springer (2022) 480 p.

S.P. Martin, J.D. Wells
Elementary Particles and Their Interactions
Springer (2022) 362 p.

S. Michopoulou, P. O'Sullivan, L. Pike, F. McKiddie, J. Keightley
Radioactive Sample Counting: Principles and Practice (2nd ed.)
IOP (2022) 100 p.

K. Nanba, A. Konoplev, T. Wada (eds.)
Behavior of Radionuclides in the Environment III. Fukushima
Springer (2022) 490 p.

R. Naidu
Inorganic Contaminants and Radionuclides
Elsevier (2022) 420 p.

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Handbook of Scientific Tables
World Scientific (2022) 1056 p.

E. Del Nobile
The Theory of Direct Dark Matter Detection. A Guide to Computations
Springer (2022) 250 p.

L. Olah, H.K. Tanaka, D. Varga (eds.)
Muography: Exploring Earth's Subsurface with Elementary Particles
Wiley (2022) 320 p.

L.G. Pondrom
Introduction to High Energy Physics. Particle Physics for the Beginner
World Scientific (2022) 552 p.

new: R.A. Powsner, M.R. Palmer, E.R. Powsner
Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Physics, Instrumentation, and Radiation Biology (4th ed.)
Wiley (2022) 301 p.

B. Prister, T. Lev, A. Nosovskyi, M. Talerko
Comprehensive Radioecological Monitoring for Objects of Radioactively Contaminated Areas
Akademperiodyka (2022) 286 p.

B.P. Ravindran
Image-Guided Radiation Therapy. Physics and Technology
IOP (2022) 308 p.

K.-J. Rohlig
Nuclear Waste. Management, Disposal and Governance
IOP (2022) 272 p.

F. Rosch
Nuclear- and Radiochemistry. Vol. 1: Introduction (2nd ed.)
De Gruyter (2022) 469 p.

F. Rosch
Nuclear- and Radiochemistry. Vol. 2: Modern Applications (2nd ed.)
De Gruyter (2022) 644 p.

S.M. Ross
Simulation (6th ed.)
Academic Press (2022) 336 p.

E. Roulet, F. Vissani
Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics
World Scientific (2022) 236 p.

A. Rubbia
Phenomenology of Particle Physics
Cambridge University Press (2022) 1110 p.

K.W.W. Sims, K. Maher, D.P. Schrag (eds.)
Isotopic Constraints on Earth System Processes
Wiley (2022) 352 p.

new: P. Sinovets (ed.)
Ukraine's Nuclear History. A Non-Proliferation Perspective
Springer (2022) 279 p.

R. Thombre, P. Vaishampayan
New Frontiers in Astrobiology
Elsevier (2022) 300 p.

D.A. Vallero
Applications and Calculations in Environmental Physics
AIP Publ. (2022) 262 p.

D.A. Vallero
Methods and Calculations in Environmental Physics
AIP Publ. (2022) 413 p.

S. Weinzierl
Feynman Integrals. A Comprehensive Treatment for Students and Researchers
Springer (2022) 857 p.

M.-S. Yim
Nuclear Waste Management. Science, Technology, and Policy
Springer (2022) 836 p.

Jiyang Yu
Fundamental Principles of Nuclear Engineering
Springer (2022) 699 p.

H. Zaidi
Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine (2nd ed.)
IOP (2022) 537 p.

Л.А. Булавін, В.І. Ковальчук, А.В. Носовський
Розсіяння та зв'язані стани в системі декількох частинок
Ін-т проблем безпеки АЕС НАН України (2022) 200 c.

А.В. Носовський (ред.)
Інститут проблем безпеки атомних електростанцій НАН України: 30 років
Ін-т проблем безпеки АЕС НАН України (2022) 608 c.


A. De Angelis, M. Pimenta, R. Conceicao
Particle and Astroparticle Physics. Problems and Solutions
Springer (2021) 325 p.

E.S. Battistelli
Experimental Astrophysics
IOP (2021) 294 p.

A. Belyaev, D. Ross
The Basics of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Springer (2021) 401 p.

S. Beddar, L. Beaulieu (eds.)
Scintillation Dosimetry
CRC Press (2021) 436 p.

O. Benhar, S. Fantoni
Nuclear Matter Theory
CRC Press (2021) 168 p.

С. Bertulani, P. Danielewicz
Introduction to Nuclear Reactions (2nd ed.)
CRC Press (2021) 420 p.

L. Bulavin, N. Lebovka (ed.)
Soft Matter Systems for Biomedical Applications
Springer (2021) 452 p.

K. Chapman
Superheavy. Making and Breaking the Periodic Table
Bloomsbury Sigma (2021) 304 p.

M. Ciardi
Breve storia delle pseudoscienze (2021) 168 p.

L.A. Cole
Chasing the Ghost. Nobelist Fred Reines and the Neutrino
World Scientific (2021) 300 p.

V. Cormier, M. Bergman, P. Olson
Earth's Core
Elsevier (2021) 350 p.

A. Darafsheh (ed.)
Radiation Therapy Dosimetry: A Practical Handbook
CRC Press (2021) 504 p.

S. Dewji, N.E. Hertel (eds.)
Advanced Radiation Protection Dosimetry
CRC Press (2021) 506 p.

R.A. Dunlap
Energy from Nuclear Fusion
IOP (2021) 284 p.

M. Fabbrichesi, E. Gabrielli, G. Lanfranchi
The Physics of the Dark Photon. A Primer
Springer (2021) 78 p.

I. Fleck, M. Titov, C. Grupen, I. Buvat (eds.)
Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging
Springer (2021) 1630 p.

A. Franklin, R. Laymon
Once Can Be Enough. Decisive Experiments, No Replication Required
Springer (2021) 181 p.

R. Fruhwirth, A. Strandlie
Pattern Recognition, Tracking and Vertex Reconstruction in Particle Detectors
Springer (2021) 203 p.

P. Gilbert
Physics in the Arts (3rd ed.)
Academic Press (2021) 400 p.

new: E. Greenspan (ed.)
Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy (4 vol.)
Elsevier (2021) 3674 p.

A. Haghighat
Monte Carlo Methods for Particle Transport (2nd ed.)
CRC Press (2021) 310 p.

M. Hamel (ed.)
Plastic Scintillators. Chemistry and Applications
Springer (2021) 638 p.

J. Iliopoulos, T.N. Tomaras
Elementary Particle Physics. The Standard Theory
Oxford University Press (2021) 528 p.

A.K. Jain, B. Maheshwari, A. Goel
Nuclear Isomers. A Primer
Springer (2021) 144 p.

D. Jenkins, J.L. Wood
Nuclear Data. A primer
IOP (2021) 198 p.

M.M. Khalil
Basic Sciences of Nuclear Medicine
Springer (2021) 565 p.

Yu. Kostenko
Ukraine’s Nuclear Disarmament
Harvard University Press (2021) 350 p.

V.O. Krasnov, A.V. Nosovskyi, S.A. Paskevych, V.M. Rudko
Shelter Object in the Conditions of the New Safe Confinement
Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of NAS of Ukraine (2021) 320 p.

J.-V. Kratz
Nuclear and Radiochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
Wiley (2021) 976 p.

M. Lingam, A. Loeb
Life in the Cosmos. From Biosignatures to Technosignatures
Harvard University Press (2021) 1088 p.

A. Loeb
Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2021) 240 p.

A. Longstaff
Astrobiology. An Introduction
CRC Press (2021) 468 p.

P. Mayles, A.E. Nahum, J.C. Rosenwald (eds.)
Handbook of Radiotherapy Physics. Theory and Practice (2nd ed.)
CRC Press (2021) 1460 p.

new: P. McCoubrie
The Rules of Radiology
Springer (2021) 220 p.

N. Michel, M. Ploszajczak
Gamow Shell Model
Springer (2021) 503 p.

P. Mohanakrishnan, O.P. Singh, K. Umasankari (eds.)
Physics of Nuclear Reactors
Elesvier (2021) 771 p.

R.N. Mohapatra
The Neutrino Story: One Tiny Particle’s Grand Role in the Cosmos
Springer (2021) 222 p.

M. Nacht, M. Frank, S. Prussin
Nuclear Security
Springer (2021) 346 p.

G. Nechitailo, A. Kondyurin
Biological Experiments in Space
Elsevier (2021) 424 p.

A. Obertelli, H. Sagawa
Modern Nuclear Physics. From Fundamentals to Frontiers
Springer (2021) 784 p.

G. Organtini
Physics Experiments with Arduino and Smartphones
Springer (2021) 398 p.

D. Peet, E. Chung (eds.)
Practical Medical Physics. A Guide to the Work of Hospital Clinical Scientists
CRC Press (2021) 262 p.

R.J. Pentreath
Radioecology. Sources and Consequences of Ionising Radiation in the Environment
Cambridge University Press (2021) 352 p.

A. Perkins
Life and Death Rays. Radioactive Poisoning and Radiation Exposure
CRC Press (2021) 246 p.

A. Del Popolo
The Invisible Universe. Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Origin and End of the Universe
World Scientific (2021) 288 p.

K.S. Potter, J.H. Simmons
Optical Materials
Elsevier (2021) 495 p.

P. Povinec, K. Hirose, M. Aoyama, Y. Tateda
Fukushima Accident (2nd ed.)
Elsevier (2021) 574 p.

S. Raby
Introduction to the Standard Model and Beyond. Quantum Field Theory, Symmetries and Phenomenology
Cambridge University Press (2021) 636 p.

B.C. Reed
The Physics of the Manhattan Project (4th ed.)
Springer (2021) 272 p.

L.J. Reinders
The Fairy Tale of Nuclear Fusion
Springer (2021) 620 p.

F.B. Rosmej, V.A. Astapenko, V.S. Lisitsa
Plasma Atomic Physics
Springer (2021) 648 p.

J. Rumble (ed.)
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (102nd ed.)
CRC Press (2021) 1624 p.

I. Sakho
Nuclear Physics 1: Nuclear Deexcitations, Spontaneous Nuclear Reactions
Wiley (2021) 368 p.

J. Seco, F. Verhaegen (eds.)
Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy. Applications to Dosimetry, Imaging, and Preclinical Radiotherapy
CRC Press (2021) 298 p.

M. Sharon, M. Sharon
Nuclear Chemistry (2nd ed.)
Springer (2021) 235 p.

new: T. Stanev
High energy cosmic rays (3rd ed.)
Springer (2021) 347 p.

S.M. Sze, Y. Li, K.K. Ng
Physics of Semiconductor Devices (4th ed.)
Wiley (2021) 944 p.

F. Terranova
A Modern Primer in Particle and Nuclear Physics
Oxford University Press (2021) 496 p.

R.J.D. Tilley
Understanding Solids: The Science of Materials (3rd ed.)
Wiley (2022) 624 p.

N. Tsoulfanidis, S. Landsberger
Measurement and Detection of Radiation (5th ed.)
CRC Press (2021) 642 p.

D. Vallero
Environmental Systems Science
Elsevier (2021) 704 p.

J.D. Vergados, С. Moustakidis
Subatomic Physics. An Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, and Astrophysics
World Scientific (2021) 504 p.

F. Verhaegen, J. Seco (eds.)
Monte Carlo Techniques in Radiation Therapy. Introduction, Source Modelling, and Patient Dose Calculations
CRC Press (2021) 290 p.

K. Weathers, D. Strayer, G. Likens (ed.)
Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science (2nd ed.)
Academic Press (2021) 358 p.

S. Weinberg
Foundations of Modern Physics
Cambridge University Press (2021) 320 p.

A. Wellerstein
Restricted Data. The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States
University of Chicago Press (2021) 528 p.

D. Yadav, P. Kumar, P. Singh, D. Vallero (ed.)
Hazardous Waste Management
Elsevier (2021) 312 p.

W. Younes, W.D. Loveland
An Introduction to Nuclear Fission
Springer (2021) 390 p.

Л.А. Булавін, О.І. Куклін, А.В. Носовський, Д.В. Соловйов
Нейтронні та рентгенівські дослідження ліпідних мембран
Ін-т проблем безпеки АЕС НАН України (2021) 160 с.

Ф. Вільчек
Основи. 10 ключів до реальності
Лабораторія (2021) 272 с.

С. Гокінґ
На плечах гігантів. Величні прориви в фізиці та астрономії
Клуб сімейного дозвілля (2021) 256 с.

П. де Крайф
Мисливці на мікробів
Наш формат (2021) 368 c.

В.О. Краснов, А.В. Носовський, С.А. Паскевич, В.М. Рудько
Об’єкт "Укриття" в умовах нового безпечного конфайнмента
Ін-т проблем безпеки АЕС НАН України (2021) 344 c.

Ю.Ц. Оганесян, Ю.Э. Пенионжкевич, В.А. Григорьев
Физика тяжелых ионов и ее приложения
ОИЯИ (2021) 366 с.

С.М. Улям
Пригоди математика
Літопис (2021) 320 с.


M. L'Annunziata (ed.)
Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis. Vol. 1: Radiation Physics and Detectors (4th ed.)
Elsevier (2020) 1108 p.

M. L'Annunziata (ed.)
Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis. Vol. 2: Radioanalytical Applications (4th ed.)
Elsevier (2020) 1074 p.

M.S. Athar, S.K. Singh
The Physics of Neutrino Interactions
Cambridge University Press (2020) 970 p.

V. Balakrishnan
Mathematical Physics. Applications and Problems
Springer (2020) 781 p.

J.P. Biberian (ed.)
Cold Fusion. Advances in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Elsevier (2020) 398 p.

A.J. Buras
Gauge Theory of Weak Decays. The Standard Model and the Expedition to New Physics Summits
Cambridge University Press (2020) 739 p.

A.W. Chao
Lectures on Accelerator Physics
World Scientific (2020) 916 p.

C.W. Fabjan, H. Schopper (eds.)
Particle Physics Reference Library. Vol. 2: Detectors for Particles and Radiation
Springer (2020) 1083 p.

M. Fukumoto (ed.)
Low-Dose Radiation Effects on Animals and Ecosystems
Springer (2020) 264 p.

E. Garger, A. Nosovskyi, M. Talerko
Secondary radioactive contamination of the atmosphere in intermediate and late phases of a nuclear emergency
Akademperiodyka (2020) 274 с.

B.S. Gerstman
The Physics of Cancer
World Scientific (2020) 280 p.

S.S. Ghosh, T. Hebbeker, A. Meyer, T. Pook
General Model Independent Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Springer (2020) 70 p.

C. Grupen
Astroparticle Physics (2nd ed.)
Springer (2020) 609 p.

K. Heide, J.L. Wood
Quantum Mechanics for Nuclear Structure, Volume 2: An intermediate level view
IOP (2020) 270 p.

C.P. de Ios Heros (ed.)
Probing Particle Physics with Neutrino Telescopes
World Scientific (2020) 432 p.

D. Jenkins
Radiation Detection for Nuclear Physics. Methods and industrial applications
IOP (2020) 310 p.

K. Kato, A. Konoplev, S.N. Kalmykov (eds.)
Behavior of Radionuclides in the Environment I. Function of Particles in Aquatic System
Springer (2020) 225 p.

J.T. Kloprogge, C. Ponce, T. Loomis
The Periodic Table: Nature's Building Blocks. An Introduction to the Naturally Occurring Elements, Their Origins and Their Uses
Elsevier (2020) 930 p.

H. Kolanoski, N. Wermes
Particle Detectors. Fundamentals and Applications
Oxford University Press (2020) 944 p.

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Mean Field Theory
World Scientific (2020) 588 p.

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Comprehensive Nuclear Materials. Reference Work (2nd ed.)
Elsevier (2020) 4868 p. (7 vol.)

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Behavior of Radionuclides in the Environment II. Chernobyl
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Physics of Fast Processes in Scintillators
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Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
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Biophysics. A Student’s Guide to the Physics of the Life Sciences and Medicine
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Radiation Biology
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Essentials of Nucleosynthesis and Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics
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The Periodic Table. Past, Present, and Future
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Soil, Plant and Atmosphere. Concepts, Processes and Applications
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Neutrino Physics (3rd ed.)
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Чорнобильське досьє КҐБ. Від будівництва до аварії (збірник документів)
Державний архів Служби безпеки України, Інститут історії України НАНУ, Український інститут національної пам’яті (2020) 688 с.

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Дорогі мої дороги
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Несамовита фізика. Скрипка, піца, вино і надпровідність
Наш Формат (2020) 400 с.

С. Гокінґ
Про Всесвіт коротко
Клуб сімейного дозвілля (2020) 192 c.

new: О.О. Грачов, В.І. Хоревін
Академічна наука країн світу
Фенікс (2020) 576 p.

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Вплив дефектів структури на фізичні властивості окремих напівпровідникових сполук АIIIBV
Наукова думка (2020) 200 с.

А.В. Носовський, Б.М. Бондар
Дозиметрія та захист від іонізуючого випромінювання
Ін-т проблем безпеки АЕС НАН України (2020) 408 с.

В.А. Плюйко, К.М. Солодовник
Збірник задач з ядерної фізики з розв'язками
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