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Nucl. Phys. At. Energy 2015, volume 16, issue 3, pages 238-241.
Section: Radiation Physics.
Received: 12.05.2015; Accepted: 30.07.2015; Published online: 12.10.2015.
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Influence of 2 MeV electrons irradiation on gallium phosphide light-emitting diodes reverse currents

V. G. Vorobiov1, O. V. Konoreva1, Ye. V. Malyi1,*, M. B. Pinkovska1, V. P. Tartachnyk1, V. V. Shlapatska2

1 Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2 SE "Radma", L.V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

*Corresponding author. E-mail address:

Abstract: Results of reverse electrophysical characteristics study of red and green LEDs, initial and irradiated with 2 MeV electrons were given. It was found that reverse current was predominantly caused by carriers tunneling at Urev ≤ 9 V, and by the avalanche multiplication at Urev ≥ 13 V, in the range U = 9 ÷ 13 V both mechanisms are available. Current increase at high voltage areas (Urev > 19 V) is limited by the base resistance of diode. In the case of significant reverse currents (I > 1 mA) irradiation of diodes leads to the shift of reverse current-voltage characteristics into the high voltages direction.

Keywords: gallium phosphide, GaP, light-emitting diode, irradiation, electrons, current-voltage characteristics, reverse current, breakdown.


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