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Nucl. Phys. At. Energy 2016, volume 17, issue 4, pages 354-363.
Section: Atomic Energy.
Received: 06.07.2016; Accepted: 19.10.2016; Published online: 10.04.2017.
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On material and energy sources of formation of fuel-containing materials during Chernobyl NPP UNIT 4 accident

O. V. Mikhailov*

Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Chornobyl, Ukraine

*Corresponding author. E-mail address:

Abstract: Results of detailed analysis of material substance of lava-like fuel-containing materials sources (FCM) and clusters with high uranium concentration were presented. Material and energy balance are aggregated in a process model for optimal composition of sacrificial materials and FCM. Quantitative estimate is given for spent nuclear fuelĺ afterheat in a number of other heat energy sources in reactor vault. Conclusion was made that upon condition of 50 % heat loss, remained amount of ôusefulö heat would be sufficient for proceeding of blast furnace version of fuel-containing materials.

Keywords: uranium, fuel-containing materials, sacrificial materials, heat sources, fuel afterheat, material and energy balance.


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