Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy

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  Publisher: Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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  Periodicity: 4 times per year
  DOI: 10.15407/jnpae

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ISSUE # 1 (3), 2001


Two-particle low-energy photodisintegration of three-nucleon nuclei

I.V. Kozlovsky, E.M. Malyarzh, V.K. Tartakovsky

Pages 7–12; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Influence of vibration-rotation coupling in a nuclear structure on the neutron-nuclei scattering cross sections

I.E. Kashuba, I. A. Korzh , N.T. Sklyar, T.I. Yakovenko

Pages 13–18; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Viscosity effects at the nuclear descent from the fission barrier

S.V. Radionov, F.A. Ivanyuk, V.M. Kolomietz, A.G. Magner

Pages 19–30; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


New approach to heavy ion elastic scattering angular distribution analysis

Yu. A. Pozdnyakov, K. O. Terenetsky

Pages 31–41; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Properties of the ground states of spherical atomic nuclei in the frameworks of the extended Thomas Fermi method

V.Ju. Denisov, V.A. Nesterov

Pages 42–51; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Peculiarities of fission of actinide nuclei formed in reactions with light particles

Yu.V. Kibkalo

Pages 52–62; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Evaluation of the temporary characteristics and the number of the steps of the gamma-absorption and gamma-emissions of the radioactive nuclei in their decay process

M.E. Dolinska, N.L. Doroshko, V.S. Olkhovsky

Pages 63–66; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The determination of internal conversion coefficients with the help of the secondary electron radiation in internal conversion and beta-decay

N.F. Mitrokhovich

Pages 67–70; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Investigation of the ground and the first excited states of 5Li

O.K. Gorpinich, Vit.M. Pirnak, O.M. Povoroznyk, Yu.S. Roznyuk, B.G. Struzhko

Pages 71–74; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Forward-angle isotopic and element distributions induced in the 18O (35 A MeV) + 9Be reaction

A.G. Artukh, G.F. Gridnev, M. Grushezki, F. Koscielniak, A.G. Semchenkov, O.V. Semchenkova, Yu.M. Sereda, J. Szmider, Yu.G. Teterev, I.N. Vishnevsky

Pages 75–79; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Elastic and inelastic scattering of the 12C ions by the 12C nucleus at energy 61 MeV

A.T. Rudchik, V.M. Kyryanchuk, V.A. Ziman, O.A. Momotyuk, A.V. Mokhnach, O.A. Ponkratenko, V.K. Chernievsky

Pages 80–84; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Energy-loss spectrometer for precise radioactive ion beam experiments in the vicinity of the Coulomb barrier

V.Z. Maidikov

Pages 85–87; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Measurements and calculation of efficiency of stilben and NE213 neutron detectors

V.I. Konfederatenko, B.V. Lashchonov, O.M. Povoroznyk, B.G. Struzhko

Pages 88–90; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The possibility of using the multiplicity spectrometer for determination of fissionable nuclei content

Yu.G. Shchepkin, V.I. Slisenko, Ye.A. Pavlenko, P.I. Bulan, V.S. Prokopenko, Yu.S. Stryuk, T.A. Kostyuk

Pages 91–107; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The determination of alpha-ray emitter content in "hot" particles by means of the direct alpha-spectroscopy method

A.P. Lashko, T.N. Lashko, A.A. Odintsov

Pages 108–110; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Reactor pressure vessel operation life-time determination by surveillance samples testing

E. Grynik, L. Chyrko, V. Revka, Yu. Gulchyk, O. Drogaev

Pages 111–116; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Dynamics of molecules in the system "polyvinylchloride + propylene carbonate + salt"

M.V. Burmistr, O.A. Vasilkevich, P.G. Ivanitsky, V.V. Klepko, I.O. Korzh, V.T. Krotenko, V.I. Slisenko, K. M. Sukhy, V.V. Shilov

Pages 117–121; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Investigations of air-ions processes and development of technological facilities

V.I. Sakhno, S.P. Tomchay

Pages 122–126; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Fire hazards estimation of the research nuclear reactor WWR-M

S.I. Azarov, E.V. Babich, L.N. Vilenska, A. I. Malko

Pages 127–136; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Absorption of lower hybrid and upper hybrid pump waves in magnetized plasma

V.N. Pavlenko, V.G. Panchenko, S.A. Nazarenko

Pages 137–142; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


Ion assisted etching: influence of the ion charge sign

S.N. Pavlov

Pages 143–150; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (en)


The effect of the electron beam initial modulation degree on the evolution within the barrier of the space charge wave performing its transillumination

N.O. Boyko, D.B. Palets, L.I. Romanyuk

Pages 151–153; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The plutonium isotope content in soil of the Chernobyl exclusion zone

V.A. Ageev, A.P. Lashko, T.N. Lashko, A.A. Odintsov, V. P. Khomenkov

Pages 154–155; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


Particular feature of radioactive contamination of fish ponds of North part of Rivne region

E.N. Volkova, V.V. Belyaev, Z.O. Shirokaya, N.L. Shevtsova, T.P. Prityka, V.A. Karapysh

Pages 156–160; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ua)


The main conformities of the autotrophic link vegetation in conditions of different levels of radioactive contamination

V.G. Klenus, V.I. Shcherbak, A.E. Kaglyan, V.V. Belyaev

Pages 161–163; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The results of fluorescence spectra of oak and birch leaves investigation from the 30-kilometer influenced zone of Chernobyl NPP

E.I. Levchik, E.V. Svarichevskaya, G.O. Bekirova, E.G. Gule, A.A. Odintsov, N.A. Shovkun

Pages 164–170; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


Accumulation of radionuclides by the shells of dead bivalves

D.V. Lukashv, O.L. Zarubin

Pages 171–174; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)


The accumulation of accident's 137Cs in the different parts of the mycorrhizal fungi

N.E. Shatrova

Pages 175–179; PDF Abstract    PDF Full Text (ru)